Some of our solar panel customers with Enphase Energy MicroInverter systems have contacted us because they have received alerts about production issues.


The team at Green Energy Electrical have received an increasing amount of calls from solar panel owners whose original installers are no longer operating. They have been left feeling anxious about the future upkeep of their solar panels and concerned about who will be able to assist in the event that help or advice is needed. But a quick call to Green Energy Electrical can help resolve many of their problems, sometimes at no extra cost.

All newly built dwellings in the UK must now gain a ‘pass’ on their SAP calculations in order to meet current building regulations. SAP stands for ‘Standard Assessment Procedure’ and is the only official, government approved system for assessing the energy rating of a new home. Without it, building control will not sign off the development and the property cannot be let or marketed for sale.


Green Energy Electrical have received several reports from customers who have received cold calls warning them about potential hazards with their solar panels.

August 2017

You may have heard in the news recently that energy companies are due to hike their prices.

British Gas has just announced it is to raise electricity prices for the first time in three years, with its standard variable tariff set to increase by a significant 12.5% in September.

Consumers are outraged at the harsh rise, with over 3 million customers expected to suffer as a result.

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Very polite and very professional.

Very polite and very professional.

Very happy with the service I received. They were always very polite and very professional. I would recommend this company if you’re thinking of having solar panels fitted. Excellent, thank you.
The electrician explained everything clearly.

The electrician explained everything clearly.

The installation was done quickly and efficiently and the electrician explained everything clearly.
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