If you’ve ever considered Solar Power then NOW is the time to get it.

On 1st April 2019 the government plan to cut the solar panel Feed-in Tariff!

The FIT tariff rewards people for having solar panels installed on their home or business. You receive payments for every KW of solar energy you produce and also earn money for the unused solar energy that goes back to the grid.

Solar Panels will lower your energy bills because you won’t need to import as much electricity from the national grid and they are also great for the environment, reducing your carbon footprint!

With cuts to the feed-in tariff taking effect on 1st April 2019, there is still time to take advantage of the higher rates and the payments will be fixed for the next 20 years!!

Green Energy Electrical Ltd are award-winning solar panel installers based in Brentwood, Essex and serving the surrounding areas.

Find out more about how Solar PV can benefit your home or business by contacting us here for a free quote.

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green energy electrical solar FIT Tariff

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Good work.

Good work.

Good work completed within the day set for.
It has reduced my energy bill dramatically

It has reduced my energy bill dramatically

Green Energy Electrical is efficient and reliable company you can think of. They are always there for you any time you call. I am also pleased with the work they did. It has reduced my energy bill dramatically
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