Solar panels on commercial building installed by Green Energy Electrical


Green Energy Electrical have just completed another two commercial photovoltaic solar panel systems for customers in Tilbury, Essex.

One installation had 36 x 275W poly solar panels making a 9.9KW system. The other installation had 24 x 285W mono solar panels making a 6.84KW system.

With annual electricity production expected to exceed 13,000 kWh, the PV solar panels will be a huge benefit.

Commercial properties are ideal for solar panels. They have large roof spaces, which provide room for more panels, allowing maximum returns. Businesses with solar panels on their premises benefit from using the free electricity generated by the panels. This means they will use less electricity from the grid, resulting in lower energy bills. Government feed-in tariffs are still available for solar so they will also receive payments for every kWh produced and be able to sell excess energy back to the grid. With energy prices expected to rise higher and higher, solar panels provide a way to lessen the impact of increasing electricity costs. Solar panels will also reduce your carbon emissions, which is great for the environment.

For more information about commercial solar panels for your business, please click here.

Solar panels are not only advantageous to commercial properties.

You can also achieve the above benefits by installing them on your home. For more information about domestic solar panels for your house, please click here.

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A fast friendly and efficient service

A fast friendly and efficient service

A fast friendly and efficient service. Any questions I had were answered, and the work carried out to a high standard.
Many thanks

Many thanks

Many thanks to all at Green Energy Electrical for their professional approach installing my solar PV system
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