Some of our solar panel customers with Enphase Energy MicroInverter systems have contacted us because they have received alerts about production issues.

If you have Enphase MicroInverters and have received a message from Enphase saying the there is a production issue with your system, please don’t panic. You may also see the alert when you log into your MyEnlighten account as shown here.

If you are being told that your solar panels are producing less energy than expected, it is probably due to the winter weather. Enphase use your system size to estimate an expected solar production. If your system's energy production over the past 90 days is less than 95% of the estimated amount, you will receive these alerts.

Because of the recent snow and overcast days, some of you may find that your production has dropped below 95%. This should only be temporary though. Once the days become brighter and longer, the alert should disappear and correct itself.

However, it is always a good idea to check that your system is working. The easiest way to do this is to take a look at your generation meter. During the day, the red light on your generation meter will pulse. The sunnier and brighter the day, the quicker it will pulse. If you don’t notice a light, it is probably just pulsing very slowly due to being a dull day. At night, when your solar panels are not generating, the red light on your generation meter will be on constantly and then resume pulsing once the sun has risen. If you ever notice that the red light on your generation meter is continuously on during daylight hours, this would suggest there is a problem.

Another easy way to see if your system is working would be to jot down the generation meter reading one morning then take it again a few hours later. You should notice that the reading has gone up when you check it the second time. On dull days you might have to wait a bit longer between readings but if after a day it hasn’t changed, there could be something wrong.

If you suspect your system isn’t working, then please feel free to contact us on 01277 523220 and we will be happy to help.

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Good care shown to our customers

Good care shown to our customers

Very happy with the service and communication from the team. Good support and information on managing the system provided. Good care shown to our customers.
Very happy with the level of work and attention to detail

Very happy with the level of work and attention to detail

The guys were friendly as usual and got on and got the work done. We are very happy with the level of work and attention to detail and will continue to have them out to maintain our solar panels and for other electrical work. Thanks very much!
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