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If you already have solar panels on your roof and then decide to have a loft conversion, they may need removing before work can commence. Although your builders may say that they can do it, your solar panels and solar components should only be moved by qualified engineers. Don’t worry though, because Green Energy Electrical can help.

We have experience in assisting solar customers throughout Essex and beyond who plan to have a loft conversion. The PV solar system will be shut down, isolated and made safe before the conversion works commence. Usually, the solar panels are removed prior to any roofing work beginning and we can relocate the solar components, such as the inverter, in the event that their original location is no longer suitable. For example, your solar inverter may currently be located in the loft, but once the loft is converted into a bedroom, you might not want a big inverter on the wall.

We will then re-install the solar panels and re-activate the system. If the panel layout needs to change as a result of the conversion, perhaps due to new velux windows or dormers, we can liaise with you to come up with a different arrangement.

So if you already have solar panels and are thinking of having a loft conversion, call us on 01277 523220 or contact us here to see how we can assist. Our friendly team in our Essex based office will be happy to help. Alternatively, you can email us at

green energy electrical loft conversion1

Solar panels that Green Energy Electrical re-positioned following a loft conversion

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Good care shown to our customers

Good care shown to our customers

Very happy with the service and communication from the team. Good support and information on managing the system provided. Good care shown to our customers.
Very happy with the level of work and attention to detail

Very happy with the level of work and attention to detail

The guys were friendly as usual and got on and got the work done. We are very happy with the level of work and attention to detail and will continue to have them out to maintain our solar panels and for other electrical work. Thanks very much!
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