Roof Integrated Solar

Are you concerned about how solar panels will look mounted on top of your roof tiles?

Whether you are factoring the re-sale value of a property into your calculations or just care about how your home looks, roof integrated solar could be the solution. Designed to install neatly and simply within the roof covering, integrated panels replace the tiles or slates on a pitched roof and fit neatly into your roofline. This means that the good looks of your property are maintained, with no messy pipes, wires or racking on show.

green energy electrical intergrated solar panels 

Coloured Solar Panels

With respect for our natural surrounding and the architectural legacy in mind, we are introducing an exclusive BISOL Spectrum series of photovoltaic modules with coloured cells, whereby you no longer have to compromise aesthetics for efficiency when harnessing the endless power of the sun.

Available in a wide palette of colours, BISOL Spectrum series PV modules can seamlessly blend into the historic character of the building in its natural setting, or contribute to the manifestation of the building's modern design features. Their unique look allows discreet blending with the scenery, hence preserving the timeless beauty of diverse natural settings.

This also offers a potential solution to 'permitted development rights' issues and compromising a building's historical look.

Available in 9 different colours, the BISOL Spectrum has all the advantages of a standard polycrystalline module, while all along providing a really fantastic looking PV array. Installers are able to achieve a beautiful finish without compromising on efficiency or value. On-roof arrays are seamlessly tied into the roof with coloured clamps and the range also offers an integrated solution.

green energy electrical coloured solar panels


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A pleasure to have had business with this company

A pleasure to have had business with this company

Knowledgeable and helpful office staff; punctual, efficient and tidy installers. Overall, a pleasure to have had business with this company.
The installers were considerate and very competent.

The installers were considerate and very competent.

It’s two months now since the panels were fitted and so far delighted and pleased with performance. The whole installation and process was very professional and the installers were considerate and very competent.
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