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A number of 1st Energy customers have called up and informed us that the company is no longer in business and that they are looking for someone else to help with their solar panel enquiries.

1st Energy was a solar panel company based in Colchester serving Essex and the surrounding areas.

According to Companies House, 1st Energy is now in liquidation so it is understandable that its customers may be a little worried about the future upkeep of their solar panels. They needn’t be concerned though as a quick call to Green Energy Electrical can help fix many of their issues, sometimes at no extra cost.

If 1st Energy sold you your solar panels, Green Energy Electrical are the people to help with any future needs you may have. We offer solar panel fault finding and repairs, cleaning and maintenance services. Sometimes, a problem can be identified and resolved over the phone.

1st Energy should have issued you with a consumer protection policy with an organisation such as HIES (the Home Insulation & Energy Systems Contractors Scheme), offering insurance backed guarantees on workmanship warrantees. This means that you may even be covered for any work that needs carrying out.

Additionally, the solar components that have been fitted at your property, like the inverter, come with a product warranty from the manufacturer. This again means that you may be entitled to a free replacement. Green Energy Electrical can deal with solar manufacturers and suppliers directly to determine if products are still under warranty, and arrange replacement and installation if required.

So if you are a 1st Energy customer and require any kind of help with your solar panels, we will be happy to assist. Green Energy Electrical is an award-winning solar panel installation company, based in Essex and serving the surrounding areas.

Call us now on 01277 523220 where our friendly team in our Essex based office will be pleased to take your calls and answer any enquiries you have.

Alternatively, please email us at or contact us here.

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We are over the moon with the numbers.

We are over the moon with the numbers.

We are over the moon with the systems and have been recommending both the company and technology. My tech friends love the monitoring of the panels, in their words a game changer. Thanks for all your hard work during the project we are over the moon with the numbers.
Professional installation

Professional installation

Professional installation, friendly staff, tidy and polite
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