Solar panel repairs, fault finding and servicing in Essex

Do you have concerns about your solar panel system? Maybe it isn't working or your inverter is displaying an error code. Green Energy Electrical can perform system repairs and fault finding to customers throughout Essex and the surrounding areas.

Perhaps your original solar panel installers have dissolved, leaving you anxious about the future upkeep of your system. Don’t worry because Green Energy Electrical are here to help, even if we didn’t carry out your initial install.

Call us now on 01277 523220 to see how we can help.

Along with a maintenance and cleaning service, we can also carry out repairs and fault finding on your solar panel system.

We will do our best to resolve the problem onsite but will investigate further if needed.

We are able to deal with the manufacturers directly, to diagnose faults and see if products are still under warranty, and can arrange replacement and installation if required.

If you notice that your solar generation meter is blank or the reading hasn’t gone up, there could be a problem. Or if your solar inverter display is blank or shows an error message, something might be wrong. He are a few of the solar inverter brands we have worked with, but if you don’t see yours listed we can still help:

Afore, Aurora, Enphase Energy, Enfinity, Eversol, Fronius, Goodwe, Growatt, Kako, Mastervolt, Power One, SAJ, Samil Power, SMA, SolarEdge, Solax, Solis, Sunny Boy, Zeversolar.

We can even tidy up other people's shoddy workmanship. Take a look at the before and after pictures below. This solar inverter was poorly installed by another company but Green Energy Electrical rectified it:

green energy electrical solar panel services


The best way to find out how we can help with your solar panel concerns is to contact us here for more information.

We have a team of dedicated staff in our Essex based offices so your calls and enquiries will always be answered.

We think we're great, but don't take our word for it... check out our hand written testimonials

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Good and  efficient install

Good and efficient install

GEE exceeded our expectations and provided us with good value of our money. We highly recommend them. The complete process of Solar PV installation was very efficiently handled by GEE.
V. good

V. good

V. good. Thanx.
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