Enphase MicroInverter Solar Panels Essex

If you are interested in solar, these upgrades can increase returns on your investment.

Enphase MicroInverters

Micro Inverters - get the best performance out of your solar rooftop

Micro inverters are compact units, which are installed at the back of each solar panel. They convert DC to AC power, which enables easy connection to the electricity grid without using a string or central inverter. Working on a modular level like this, with one inverter per module, means that should one inverter fail, the remaining ones will still perform. This also means that if one solar panel is out of direct sunlight, there is no impact on output. This is opposed to the "Christmas tree effect" used by traditional string systems, where whenever one panel drops in production, the entire system is limited. It also means you won't need to find somewhere in your home or business to locate a string inverter.

For more information on how to maximise the efficiency of your solar panel install, call us on 01277 523220

Enphase micro inverters are designed to get the absolute best performance out of your solar rooftop. Tests show that typically you will see at least a 5 to 10% increase in your energy harvest over traditional inverters and throughout the lifetime of your solar array the benefits will be substantial, amounting to potentially hundreds of pounds. You will also be given access to their FREE monitoring software, allowing you to instantly check the operation and data of your micro inverters via the convenience of any web browser, desktop or mobile.

solar iboost small

Solar iBoost

Have an immersion tank? Then use your FREE solar energy to heat your water.

You can use the surplus solar energy generated by your panels to heat the water in your water tank, saving you money. Solar iBoost uses ONLY energy that would be exported, so you use even more of the free energy that you produce without effecting your FIT payments! This will reduce the use of your boiler, cutting the cost of heating your water. It is only compatible if you have an immersion tank.

Solar Battery Storage

Make the most out of your system by diverting excess solar energy to battery storage for later use instead of it exporting back to the grid. PV solar storage has taken a long time to develop into an economical and viable technology so contact us here or call us on 01277 523220 for more information.

green energy electrical solar battery

One of our engineers installing an Enphase Solar Battery.

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Very polite & helpful

Very polite & helpful

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Good work.

Good work.

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